In the Kitchen with RSD

I love cooking; it’s a fun, relaxing and tasty way to pass the time. With RSD, however, it’s gotten a little bit more interesting.

The RSDer’s Universal Rules of Cooking

Rule One: Muscle Spazzies will occur more frequently

Usually, spazzies will crop up as soon as you pick up something hot, easy to spill, or breakable. Not only is this a complete waste, but it’s a a pain, in every sense of the word, when you hit hot metal or have to clean up spills.

Bright side: Making drinks that require shaking, or foods that need something sprinkled on easier to make.

Rule Two: The RSD Imps will acquire new “toys”

Over the years I’ve acquired the usual cooking reflexes (e.g., if something burning hot is splashed on you, set down everything and run it under cold water). Unfortunately, a bit of hot oil splashing on the arm was enough to give the RSD Imps a new toy.

Now it likes to set off a “you’re burning your arm on something” whenever I’m making something, causing me to fling everything down and run to the sink.

Bright side: You will become a kitchen ninja.


Imps of Pain: Flake

Name: Flake
Height: 3.2′
Pain Type: Causes limbs to feel cold-to-the-touch, and cold/freezing sensations
Hobbies: Loves to make ice sculptures; raises albino rabbits

Printer Issues Resolved… Hopefully

Okay, the printers have corrected the printing error (yay!) so anyone who has ordered a copy within the past week should receive a corrected copy.

If you have (or do) receive a misprinted copy, email a picture of the page to and they will send you a replacement copy. (If they don’t, please let me know, and I will sick the imps on them.)

For reference, here’s a picture of the random page addition that mucked it up:

General Frustration: Printer Goof-Up

UPDATE 2-8-12: Issue Hopefully Fixed

(Note: Apparently you must click the image above for it to animate…)

So, it seems as though the company printing/distributing my comic messed up the printing file. A page from someone else’s comic has been inserted into it, which has the added <sarcasm> benefit </sarcasm> of messing up how the pages are printed/assembled. For those of you who have ordered a copy already: I’m really sorry about this; I’ve contact the printers about the issue, and will keep you updated.

Cold Power-Up

Bonus Post: Shameless Self-Promotion

UPDATE: All is well


So the Super Secret Project is now complete.


A strange, dorky, not-too-poorly-assembled comic.

Here are the first few pages for your perusal:

So… if anyone actually wants a copy, they are for sale here, at IndyPlanet.

Liebster Award

Amber from Chronic Phoenix gave me the Liebster Blog Award a couple of days ago. (Thanks!)

“Liebster” is the German word for favorite or beloved; the award after which it is named is apparently passed on from favored lesser-known blogs to others.

Also, there are rules:

1. Do not talk about Liebster.

1. Link back to the blogger that gave it to you.

2. Paste the award on your blog.

3. Choose five blogs to which you want to pass the award.

4. Let the recipients know about their nomination by leaving a comment on their respective blogs.

So, let’s get to it…

Blog 1:
Rantings of a Hysterical Hillbilly – her awesome blog shares personal stories with a perfect blend of humor, as well as a wealth of links to various other videos, sites, etc.

Blog 2:
Peanut Butter and Jera Sandwhiches – is a nifty blog that has lots of interesting personal stories.

Blog 3:

Okay, I don’t read too many blogs. So… if you have a favorite little-known blog post it in the comments with why you think it should be chosen. Hopefully by the end of the week we’ll have five blogs.

And, thanks again, Amber!


We have a third blog!

Blog 3:
Overcoming Daily Battles –  Go read it. Now. (Or later… but now’s better. 🙂 ).

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