“What the Hell’s RSD?”

It’s a question we’ve all been asked – What’s wrong with you?” Unfortunately for folks like me the answer just elicits more inane questions.

“What the hell is RSD?”

Generally, this is the first reaction from everyone, doctors included (though in the case of the latter it’s typically shortly followed by “Wait, where’re you going?”); and, unfortunately, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy isn’t considered a decent enough answer.

At this point, you have four options.

Option One

If you find the querying person to be annoying, irritating or particularly thick, be careful, a straight answer may be more trouble than it’s worth. In this case you may want to go with Option One – change the subject.

If this fails, just walk away; your nerves are aggravated enough as it is, no need to add to it.

Option Two

You may choose to be strictly scientific. Depending on your audience this will have one of two ideal outcomes:

general understanding…

or server crash.

Note: This is for use on medical students, people with high intelligence or people easily frightened by big words and shiny objects. 

Option Three

If you are feeling particularly creative, try giving them a rather surreal explanation. This is usually the most fun route to take.

Option Four

Sometimes you get the above question when you really don’t want to even think about RSD. In these types of situations just make something up.


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11 responses to ““What the Hell’s RSD?””

  1. ranton2011 says :

    This is amazing, I am a spouse of a RSD sufferer and I have my own blog and have dedicated much of it to the hell it brings thanks for posting this! Love it!

  2. ranton2011 says :

    RSdiary–you really have no idea how much this is appreciated! I have seriously started a campaign to HARASS you into continuing-SORRY! But sometimes we need encouragement–I really think you need to get your stuff to a publisher-you are to good to not be OUT THERE!! I will promote you as hard as I can-but if you want me to stop I will. My husband, the RSDer he read it and LOVES it! I have plastered your stuff to the possibilty of about ten thousand total Rsders! Did you add your stuff to the search engines because I havent seen you as a choice on any of them-its a pain and if you want me to help ya do it-I would be PROUD!

  3. Gayle says :

    OMG – I am laughing my head off at this. Just emailed it to myself so I can share it with other parents of RSDers or pain syndromes. Wow – love your sense of humor and its the best way to beat this thing!!!

  4. Di Van Hess says :

    None of those fit me…and i would like good laugh right now…this is one of the first of many symptons I experienced and thought of was just old age..then came one diagnois after another…fibro, cfs, insomnia,GAD, SDS or is SDD..there are so many…i treat the sympton of the moment and this takes a long of time and energy daily. And right now I’m worried so many doctors don’t treat chronic pain and we are moving to a small coastal town on the Pacific Ocean this Thurs..right now, it is the wee hours at of morning, i need a new doctor and the pain in my body in unbelieveable…if I could just sleep!!!

  5. Eileen Legge says :

    LMAO! I really needed this 🙂 How wonderfully funny and ditzy . . . thank you for all those endorphins now travelling around my body!

  6. Heather Lynn says :

    I’ve been having one crappy RSD day. And then I found this. Thank you for the laugh, it’s the little things like that, that helps get by (as you know).

    You’re very talented, and I look forward to reading the rest of your blog! The one I have for RSD is hopeforyourcause.org ❤
    Hope all is well!
    Heather Lynn

  7. Heather Lynn says :

    Reblogged this on A CRPS angels world and commented:
    Ok… If there is any blog post to read right now.. It’s this one. It’s an hilarious way of looking at what CRPS fighters deal with,when trying to explain what CRPS/RSD is. Lol. Genius.

  8. shazzagirl70 says :

    What a crack up…thanks for the laugh…definitely will share this!

  9. shazzagirl70 says :

    Reblogged this on CRPS Shazz and commented:
    Nice to have a laugh about CRPS…thanks RSDiary!

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