How an RSD-er Makes a PB&J Sandwich

1. Get out supplies

2. Take out two pieces of bread and place them on the plate.

3. Open PB jar, and remove seal.

4. Open jelly jar.

Note: Strain jelly to remove excess glass.

5. Use knife to scoop up desired jelly amount.

6. Avoid stabbing yourself when arm spazzes.

7. Re-scoop desired amount of jelly.

8. Spread jelly on bread.

9. Clean up cat after dropping jellied bread on its head.

10. Repeat steps 7-8 as necessary.

11. Scoop up knifeful of peanut butter.

12. Spread PB on bread.

13. Stab bread beyond recognition when arm spazzes.

14. Repeat steps 11-12 as necessary.

15. Look for more bread.

16. Give up looking and find previously mangled bread that has not been dropped on the floor, cat, etc.

17. Enjoy your PB&J sandwich ball.


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