What Would You Do #1

Someone is trying to use a key to unlock a locker, but seems to be having trouble getting their arm to rise and hold the key steady enough to slide into the lock.

Do you:
A) Go about your own business, and avoid staring*
B) Politely ask if they’d like you to give it a shot**
C) Stand one foot away from them and slowly explaining the process of unlocking and opening a locker in a loud patronizing tone***

*Select this option if they’ve been trying for less than a couple minutes, and seem unfazed.
**Select this route if they have been trying unsuccessfully for a while and/or seem frustrated.
***This is also known as being a complete asshole. Select this action if you want to make yourself look like an ignorant jerk, and want to make the person in question want to find an old gypsy woman to curse you.


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