RSD Winter Bonus

Well, winter is officially here, and that means the RSD’s favorite seasonal “toy” is back. Since these nerves have a habit of exaggerating temperatures, winter has the fun bonus of dropping the temperature of one of my arms into the Iceman-Might-Have-Swapped-Arms-With-You range.

One of the unfortunate side effects is that my computer’s trackpad no longer thinks I exist.

On the plus side, I’ve gotten a nifty tablet…

The only downside is that it’s hard to hold the stylus when your hand thinks it’s frozen. But a solution has been found! So hopefully there won’t be any more delays in writing updates. (Also, duct tape is awesome.)


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8 responses to “RSD Winter Bonus”

  1. ranton2011 says :

    Oh GOD thank you! You have NO Idea how many people LOVE your work! I am sorry if me and my friends have harassed you, BUT you HAVE to keep doing this! You are soooo talented! I am again going to splatter your stuff EVERYWHERE!

  2. Diane Sanor says :

    Wow kiddo! Really Kewl work! So identify! I have total body. Am getting over a tummy virus so now my whole body is on fire…anyone want to roast marshmellows? or maybe hot dogs! yet specially feet, they are cold but burning. Go figure that one! Don’t like total body burning, makes clothes so uncomfortable…huh but when I shiver or get goose bumps i burn more! So glad for sliky nighties and satin sheets!

    Really though I do LOVE your art work and writing! What a talent you have! Thank you so much for shaing! Time to try for bed. {{{Gentle Hugs}}}! Diane S.

  3. Tired of RSD Really Sucky Disease says :

    Thank you! Thank you so much for your RSDIARY! I remember reading some of these a couple years ago and laughing so much 😀 My fellow RSD’r posted the link to this again, this week and again it brought laughter and an odd happiness knowing other people understand (RSD Angels)
    Just received the Comic and my family and I LOVE IT! I’ll be showing it to my Doctors this week 🙂 You do such a great job! My sister has Fibromyalgia and she’s all “Can sbe make one for me!? I want to be her friend” haha 🙂 So, thank you and hope your pain is low this week ♥

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