A Realization

After six years, I have finally figured out why many people don’t like hanging out with RSDers.

Is it because those with RSD can be a little pessimistic or morose at times?


It’s because, with an RSDer in the room, others have no way of winning that old favorite pastime – the all great injury-based pissing contest.

Sore losers.


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8 responses to “A Realization”

  1. ranton2011 says :

    SO great AS USUAL! SO great you gotta get published! So glad I found your stuff! and I share it with so many that u make so happy!

  2. Samantha Marie Adcock says :

    *snicker… who has skin left? :O

  3. Mary Jane Gonzales says :

    You are amazing! You need to create a comic book for RSDers. I would be your first customer.

  4. ranton2011 says :

    Between just the three of us HERE we could market it to MILLIONS! and Mary Jane has had her stuff published she knows of what she speaks! You really have such a great way of making people who are hurting, have a different sort of a slant on it. Breaks up so much of the tension. Thanks so much for sharing the talent that you possess and using it to do such a good deed with it-NOW I am sure you will have me arrested for stalking I am not REALLY but may be your biggest fan!

  5. Rici Oliver says :

    LMAO!! This is actually what I’ve always called it. ( my husband use to always call it a pissing contest. lol) This is why I never tell anyone how I am feeling, You are soo good. looking forward to reading more!

    • rsdiary says :

      Yeah, after about the third time I just excluded myself from such contests and took on the role of judge. (“Yes, yes, that hang nail really is the worst,” lol.)

  6. rsdiary says :

    Thanks for the kind words and support, everyone! 😀

  7. shazzagirl70 says :

    Reblogged this on CRPS Shazz and commented:
    Hmm I find this somewhat true. A good laugh is what is needed!

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