How to stay warm in winter

Winter can bring interesting challenges for RSDers, namely how to stay warm without spending too much money or causing too much pain. Here are a few ways you can accomplish this:

1. For those that can, open the window blinds only if it’s sunny to let in sunlight, and turn up the thermostat only at night.

2. Put on a sweater

Tolerate the sweater just long enough to warm up, then take it off and crumple in a heap.

(Remember to collapse as high up as you can; after all, hot air rises).


3. Attach a few hooks to your ceiling and make several small blanket forts at strategic locations in your home.

4. Stock up on flour and bake bread… lots and lots of bread.

5. Switch to baking cookies. Eat the cookies. That’s right, all of them.

Remember, you’re not getting fat, you’re weatherizing yourself.


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4 responses to “How to stay warm in winter”

  1. ranton2011 says :

    As redundant as I am-amazing stuff AGAIN! Off to share! Happy healthy 2012!

  2. Samantha Marie Adcock says :

    If you substitute reflective space blankets for the regular ones you can double the heat retention… .and no Tin foil isn’t a proper substitute…. lol

    But, tossing a towel or a robe into the dryer for a few minutes will work wonders on a cold winter day…. ahhhhhhhhh……

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