One of many aggravating side effects of RSD is edema – the collection of fluid in various limbs. This is annoying for an endless number of reasons, but i’ve found the top three are:

1. It hurts
2. Socks and shoes don’t fit properly
3. Bending joints is difficult, which causes you to move like a robot (naturally this is actually a bit fun at first, but the novelty wears off after an hour or so)

The only benefit is if you have pitting edema – which makes your skin feel like silly putty- then it can at least be entertaining. If you have to deal with edema, particularly in the feet and legs, here are some ways to have fun with it.

1. Make fun shapes in your swollen feet

2. When your feet aren’t swollen, decorate them to look like a puffer fish…

then watch it take shape as your feet swell up.

BONUS: Take pictures as your feet swell up and make your own flip-book.

3. Build a small lego city, and proceed to smashing with your swollen legs while pretending to be Godzilla

… or, if you’re as pale as I am, and have pitting edema – the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man


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5 responses to “Edema”

  1. Christa Whightsel says :

    LOL this is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

  2. ranton2011 says :

    Its so wonderful that you do this! Last week a RSDer told me after I posted it on a support page that it stopped her tears. You have such an amazing talent and I NEED you to KNOW that its so very much enjoyed by many who need the smiles! And coming from someone who KNOWS what its like, (as I am only a spouse who witnesses the pain) I am certain that it means so much more to those who are enjoying the work you do. It makes me sad though that you have (or anyone does actually) the pain to draw from. (No pun intended, unless its REALLY funny then I do intend) But your making some tasty lemonade out of the lemons, and I wanna thank you for sharing and making so many I care about smile!

  3. gail says :

    Thanks for bringing a smile and a laugh- I love the flip book idea! 🙂
    You are so talented… thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. tycobeans says :

    I didn’t read this when you first posted it. Because…well, I didn’t want to. This is what sent my Mom to the hospital for the last time. Looking back, we just weren’t prepared for it & it was happening so fast. My Dad didn’t really want to take her in, she didn’t really want to go but didn’t have it in her to protest, & one of her Rx was impossible to fill (we thought it would help this, but maybe it wouldn’t have). During the course of the afternoon Mom’s arm became HUGE & was like a memory-foam mattress. The last 2 days (3?) she wasn’t conscience, & they said she couldn’t feel it. But it was greatly distressing to me. It seemed (to me) that with everything that was out of control, THIS should have been treatable.

    • rsdiary says :

      I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, and for dredging up bad memories. Yeah, you’d really think that, of all things, they would at least have a handle on successfully treating edema by now. 😦

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