Imps of Pain: Quash

Name: Quash
Height: 6.1′
Pain Type: Causes the feeling of being crushed
Hobbies: Amateur tap dancer, huge Michael Flatley fan


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3 responses to “Imps of Pain: Quash”

  1. ranton2011 says :

    Your biggest fan here saying thanks and yet again GREAT stuff, must ask though is this the only blog you do? and PLEASE tell me that you are looking at getting a book deal or SOMETHING! Hey my son got me to spend what was probably what I could have retired on in Yugi-oh and Pokemon and whatever else trading cards, maybe we can get ya doing the “Imps of Pain video game” or Trading Cards or Cartoon, we got TONS of marketing here, the happy meal toys would become collectors items before they were even RELEASED. I need a job, so I will be your agent, and I am a nurse so, WIN on that end. LOL!

    • rsdiary says :

      Yup, this is the only blog I do.

      Ha, I can see the Imps of Pain trading cards now… mostly being bought so people can destroy them cathartically! 😀

      (Thanks for all the support; I really appreciate it!)

  2. ranton2011 says :

    Hey, there are THOUSANDS of fans that you have and they would like to hook up with you on Facebook. I have so many on my “friends list” that every week when I post the link-that wanna be your friend. The support thats easy, it would be hard if you SUCKED but you do not, and well since I can’t find a nursing job, well I figured I should maybe look elsewhere, very enterprising of me, dontya think? Seriously though everyone REALLY loves to see your stuff!

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