General Frustration: Printer Goof-Up

UPDATE 2-8-12: Issue Hopefully Fixed

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So, it seems as though the company printing/distributing my comic messed up the printing file. A page from someone else’s comic has been inserted into it, which has the added <sarcasm> benefit </sarcasm> of messing up how the pages are printed/assembled. For those of you who have ordered a copy already: I’m really sorry about this; I’ve contact the printers about the issue, and will keep you updated.


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13 responses to “General Frustration: Printer Goof-Up”

  1. Amber @ Chronic Phoenix says :

    I got mine in the mail today, I did have a somewhat random page on second to last page. I can’t really answer if it is in order and makes sense or not, as I…well, I read it backward and honestly mostly looked at the pictures (it has been a long day).

    • rsdiary says :

      It looks as though the comic pages are in the right order, but the extra, random page from someone else’s comic “bumped up” the rest of the pages so that the comic starts on the inside front cover. :/ I’ll keep you posted about getting a corrected copy.

    • rsdiary says :

      Hey Amber, if you email a picture of the messed up page to they will send you a free (correct) replacement copy. πŸ™‚

  2. ranton2011 says :

    That will make it a collectors edition-so for once I am getting MORE than I paid for THAT never happens, I embrace it!

  3. ranton2011 says :

    And Ironically from me, Well I guess the irony is more pronounced to those that KNOW me, but trust me FULL ON IRONIC.

  4. ranton2011 says :

    I got my signed page, and I LOOOOVVEEE it! Thanks so VERY much! I have had a VERY VERY rough few days and it is the one thing I have even cracked a smile over (actually I laughed OUT LOUD over it!) all day! Going to FRAME it right now! It means A WHOLE LOT to me, THANKS!

    • rsdiary says :

      So glad you liked it! πŸ™‚

      • ranton2011 says :

        Its framed and PROMINENTLY displayed-got word my comic was shipped Friday and cannot wait! Hubby LOVED the page and he is excited to! he is going to bring mine with him to his next appointment in a couple of weeks and try to get the neuro to get some so that more will get to understand this monster without the need for medical school ed to do so. Well, not that THAT has helped those with that Ed. understand it, but I am sure you get where I was going. Thanks again for all this. Truly.

  5. ranton2011 says :

    OK I got mine. I don’t know how to say this accurately enough, but I will give it a shot. I think it is FAN-FLIPPIN TASTIC in every single way!. My husband the RSDer he read it-and he who generally hates EVERYTHING took it outside to read it (while he had a smoke) and he came back with, “THAT was so dead on accurate and put so amazingly into words and pictures I can’t believe it! It was so funny, that it took me twice the time to read then it should have because the tears of laughter that were streaming down my face kept blinding me.” He was astounded that I could NOT hear him all the way inside the house because he was doing his annoying and VERY high pitched “girly” laugh. I am sure he irritated the neighborhood dogs and the coyotes with it. AMAZING AMAZING stuff!

    • rsdiary says :

      I think this wins for best review ever. Thanks so much!

      • ranton2011 says :

        I must and always try to speak only the truth! LOVE it. And to get that AMAZING of a response from the Man, well you can’t get higher praise! But if that review appears in advertising or on the jacket of the book, well I must insist on royalties! I am STILL jobless! UGH! Gave up on the whole Nurse thing-gonna shoot for what I did in a previous life. (not critic, care of developmentally disabled) and no thanking ME. Thank YOU! Lots will learn and LAUGH from this. The best of TWO worlds! :)!

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