In the Kitchen with RSD

I love cooking; it’s a fun, relaxing and tasty way to pass the time. With RSD, however, it’s gotten a little bit more interesting.

The RSDer’s Universal Rules of Cooking

Rule One: Muscle Spazzies will occur more frequently

Usually, spazzies will crop up as soon as you pick up something hot, easy to spill, or breakable. Not only is this a complete waste, but it’s a a pain, in every sense of the word, when you hit hot metal or have to clean up spills.

Bright side: Making drinks that require shaking, or foods that need something sprinkled on easier to make.

Rule Two: The RSD Imps will acquire new “toys”

Over the years I’ve acquired the usual cooking reflexes (e.g., if something burning hot is splashed on you, set down everything and run it under cold water). Unfortunately, a bit of hot oil splashing on the arm was enough to give the RSD Imps a new toy.

Now it likes to set off a “you’re burning your arm on something” whenever I’m making something, causing me to fling everything¬†down and run to the sink.

Bright side: You will become a kitchen ninja.


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